Enterprise Solution

Convert Every Viewer Into A Raving Fan.

Snipitz provides a Content Delivery Interface™ (CDI) interrupting traditional, one-view broadcasting. The CDI allows your fans to cultivate their own viewing experience, providing engagement at every moment.

On Demand

Snipitz provides a fresh take on previously recorded events, allowing your fans to experience great moments from the perspectives of their choice.


Providing the ability for your fans to tune into a live event, Snipitz gives full control of how they experience every moment.


Viewers take control of their perspective with the ability to toggle between multiple camera views.


Through the Snipitz CDI interactive experience, your fans stay engaged with your content longer.

Ad Revenue

With multiple camera feed options for ad placements, revenue multiplies from available digital assets.

We invite you to see what Snipitz can do.

Powered by Snipitz

Offering two ways to connect with your audience and provide the Snipitz Content Delivery Interface.

White Label

The Snipitz CDI becomes your live streaming or on demand platform, immediately providing a viewing advantage to your audience and fans.


As a Plugin to your existing web platform, the unique functionality of the Snipitz CDI enhances your fans’ experience.